How to buy a Photocopier for an office

Photocopiers range in price from less than $100 to thousands of dollars. The key to buying a photocopier for your office lies in making sure it has all the features your staff needs so you don’t waste money on features that won’t be used. It’s also important to determine whether it’s best to buy or lease a photocopier and to choose a company that will provide good service. Here’s how to buy a photocopier for an office

Features of Photocopy Machine

1.Determine if you need an all-in-one photocopier

Consider whether you need only a photocopier or a Photocopy machine that will also serve as a printer, scanner, and fax. Although a multi-function machine will be more expensive, you may ultimately save money by buying a separate scanner, fax, and printer. It will also be desirable if your current multi-function machine isn’t keeping up with the needs of your staff.
The ability to make color copies will add to the cost of your photocopier. If you only occasionally make color copies, you may want to buy a small multifunction machine to make them rather than add the feature to a large photocopier.

2.Ensure that your photocopier can handle every paper size you need

If you need copies of sizes commonly used outside. such as A-series or B-series sizes, or in unusual sizes such as folio or junior legal, you will want a copier that will accommodate them.

3.Calculate the benefits

Weigh the cost of features that allow copies to be made and finished quickly against the cost of having staff members wait for copies and finish them by hand.
Copy speed refers to how quickly the photocopier can scan the original document and produce a copy.
Paper capacity varies from trays that hold less than a ream (500 sheets) of paper to those that will hold as many as 10 reams. You should also consider whether you want multiple paper trays, each holding a different size paper or a tray that can be adjusted for different sizes. Refilling and adjusting paper trays can be time-consuming for your staff.
Automatic document feeders allow staff members to copy multiple pages without being forced to lift the lid of the photocopier, remove the page just copied and replace it with a new page. This can mean significant savings in time. Most automatic document feeders will also turn the pages over and copy the reverse sides.
Finishers offer a variety of sorting options. They can also automatically staple, fold or punch holes in copies.

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4. Choose the copy control features you need

You can get a Digital photocopier that requires each staff member to enter an identification code before making copies. This will allow you to break down your photocopier expenses by department or staff member. You can also have your photocopier require a client or job code if you want to include copying expenses in invoices to your clients.
If security is a concern, you can acquire a photocopier that will not retain any information about the documents being copied in memory.

5.Buying or Leasing Photocopiers

  1. Buy a small, inexpensive photocopier, especially if you can afford to buy its replacement as well. The least expensive photocopiers will last several years without needing maintenance, but when they do malfunction, you may not be able to find a repair service.
  2. Lease large, expensive photocopiers. This allows you to avoid a large capital expense. Leasing often includes a service contract that will allow for regular preventive maintenance and the ability to have a repair person dispatched quickly in case of malfunction. Leasing also allows you to upgrade your copier as technology and your needs change.

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