How to Save Printer Ink

Ink Tank Printer

Do your Ink cartridge printer keep running out quickly? Printer ink isn’t exactly cheap either. Read on and you’ll find out how to save your precious ink.


1 Use eco font

Ecofont shoots holes into your font. It can help you save up to 20% ink compared to standard fonts.

2 Check your document for mistakes

If you find one once you’ve hit print then you’ll have wasted all that Ink Tank Printer and have to print again.

3 Use your printers Fast Draft/EconoFast setting

Unless you’re printing something where quality is required

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4 Try using software

that lets you choose which parts of your document you want to print and delete what you don’t. It will track your savings in ink and paper.

5 Print in Black and White wherever possible

Black inkjet cartridge refilling is usually much cheaper than the colors.

6 Before you print anything

make use of the preview option and check whether things look good. At this point you may decide to manually change the settings, for example, print several pages on one piece of paper, reduce the size of an image etc.

7 Turn off your printer using the on/off switch on it before turning it off at the mains

The likelihood is that your printer will park the ink cartridges and cap them so that they do not dry out.

8 Don’t clean your printer heads or align them unless necessary.  This wastes ink

9 Don’t be alarmed if your printer reports that ink or toner is empty

Chances are you have 10-30% lifetime left. So keep printing until the printer stops. Remember to buy a new cartridge for when the cartridges do run out.

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